Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Re-Gas

It is recommended that you should recharge your air conditioning system every 2 years with gas and lubricant, in order to keep it running efficiently. This is not included as part of a routine car service and so it can often be overlooked. If your car is more than 2 years old it is more than likely due a re-gas.


Often called ‘air con recharging’ or ‘air con re-gassing’, Autolube’s full air con service can be carried out on all makes and models of vehicle, and involves the following:

In-car checks for musty odours and excessive condensation
Drain and evacuate air con system
Visual contamination check of oil separated during evacuation process
Recharge air con refrigerant gas (‘air con re-gas’)
Replace oil removed during evacuation
Check operation & condition of air con compressor drive belt
Visually inspect air con refrigerant pressure lines, hoses & connections for leaks or damage
Check cooling fan operation
Check plenum chamber drains are clear & free from obstruction


Air Conditioner Steriliser and Deodoriser

Air Conditioner Steriliser and Deodoriser will provide the following benefits to air conditioning systems:

Destroy bacteria on the evaporator
Eliminate unpleasant odours emitted from air conditioning systems
Deodorise the passenger cabin
Provide a healthier environment for car occupants
Simple safe application
Our Air Conditioner Steriliser and Deodoriser is a preventative and curative treatment used to effectively eliminate mould, fungi and unpleasant odours that occur in air conditioning systems; typically when not used for a period of time.

The method of application is simple, safe and non-labour intensive as there is no need for extension tubes, additional equipment or lengthy time input from technicians.

Our Air Conditioner Steriliser and Deodoriser does not contain solvent cleaning agents so is completely safe to use and will not affect any components, leather seats or wood and plastic trim.

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