Community Project - A Business (Week 10 – 02/05/2017)

Week 10 – The Final Presentation


As this was the last week of the project we gathered year head's and also Kieran Murphy (head of the charity Phase) and David Alvarez (Director of AZ Autos) to sit in on a presentation held by Tom and Luke. The presentation ran throguh the project week by week explaining the different steps, the challenges and what they had learnt. PDF iconClick here to view the Presentation

The heads of year, Kieran and David all noted how confident Tom and Luke were whilst standing infront of an audience and delivering the presentation. The chanage from when when they were intervewed was extremely apparent. The project was so successful that Lynne Luckman (Head of Year at the Priory School) has asked us if we can continue the project next year with six pupils. Tom and Luke have both been accepted at North Herts skill centre into apprenticeships.

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