• I have bought a Used Car that’s gone wrong – what are my rights?

    by David Alvarez

  • The prestigious Car Dealer Magazine Used Car Awards took place on Monday, November 27 at The Brewery in London. Once again, the evening was hosted by the legendary Mike Brewer, and Mike also chairs the judging panel, which had been shortlisting contenders. The Used Car Awards celebrates the very best businesses in the used automotive sector. This year Car Dealer Magazine received a record number of nominations and those dealers and dealerships that made it into the final line-up have already proved their standing as the best around.

  • Former Top Gear and Fifth Gear presenter, Vicki Butler-Henderson was on a film shoot this month at AZ Autos (an independent car dealer) in Hitchin. Auto Trader commissioned the video, selecting AZ Autos as a location out of a possible 6,000 independent dealers.

  • The Whale Tail - A Cosworth Story

    by Christian Knight

  • The Mini - A British Icon

    by James Westley


    In 1959 the British Motor Corporation created a car that was meant as an economical solution to a fuel crisis in the UK and an answer to the German bubble cars of the era, but little did they know it would go on to become one of the most iconic features of Britain even to this day.


  • Az Autos are extremely honoured to win 'Digital Innovator of the Year' Award at the 2017 Auto Trader Click Awards.

  • Roll on June

    by Richard Alvarez

  • What is the project? –

    The project starts with AZ Autos donating a car to the charity Phase who work with local schools in Hitchin. We will then take two students out of The Priory School in Hitchin once a week for 12 x 2 hour blocks. Over the 12-week project the students will be tasked with renovating, sourcing parts, cleaning, advertising and selling this vehicle. All revenue generated from the sale of the vehicle will be used by the charity Phase to invest in services for young people struggling with mental and emotional issues.

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  • Electric Cars..... Are they worth it?

    by Rachel Gatward

    Electric cars were first built and tested as far back as the 1800's. The first versions were mainly for battery powered locomotives but this prompted others to turn the technology to cars. Many models were developed and used throughout the world, however they increasingly became "hybrids" with petrol engines as well and because the cost of fuel was so low the use of electric motors declined rapidly until only petrol engines remained.

  • We like to look after our customers!

    Every AZ Autos customer will be automatically enrolled into our loyalty scheme. Simply flash your loyalty card and you will be entitled to the following:

  • Dan Drew from Hitchin’s Hub Church visited the refugee camp in Calais known as ‘The Jungle’ on a fact finding visit earlier this month.

    After meeting church elders Dan and fellow Hub Church members, promised to return with a carpet – for St Michael’s, the only place of worship in the camp which houses between 3,000 to 5,000 people – and which is growing daily.

    Dan said: “We met with a church leader called Solomon. When we asked what he needed to help he immediately replied: ‘A carpet.’

  • This fantastic limited time offer will give you a 3 Year RAC Warranty for the Price of 2 Year Plan. The repair limit is £2,000 per claim and the offer is subject to eligibility.

    This means that a 3 Year warranties are vailable at these prices: 


  • What our Vehicles Say about us!

  • Week 9 – Presentation Preparation


    With the Polo sold it was now time summarise what we had learnt from the Project in form a presentation. Luke, a student involved with the initative, writes the next installment of our Blog:

  • Week 8 – Customer Enquiries and Sales


    Tom writes this week’s entry for the project:

    “On week 8 we were looking at some of the buyers and some of the questions that they had on the car. Then we answered and told them that it was checked by an official mechanic and that it had the log book (V5) and the service history and said what we had changed.”

    Click here to read about Week 9

  • Week 7 – Advertising


    With all the research done it was now time to advertise the little Volkswagen Polo. Tom and Luke’s first task was to write the text for the advert. They selected all the technical data and decided on the following advert text:

  • Week 6 – Market Research


    By this point Tom and Luke had checked the Polo, ordered and fitted the parts, washed and cleaned it and it was now ready for selling. Before they could sell it they needed to know where they were going sell it and how much they could sell it for. After a quick introduction to the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Place, Promotion and Price), they set to work at researching where was the best place to sell cars.

  • Week 5 – Car Wash and Valeting

    It was early on a Tuesday morning, there was a cold frost with the temperature at only 4 degrees and the students, Tom and Luke, were over at AZ Autos Used Car Select Centre ready for a mornings work. No car is ready for sale without a good clean and valet and that was their task this week. Tom and Luke layered up and put on their overalls.

  • Week 3 – Ordering from Suppliers


    Tom had the job this week of calling around suppliers to get a cost for all the parts needed and negotiate the best possible deal. We first had a brainstorm about why it was important to get the best possible price on parts and how that would affect the profit of any potential sale

    Tom wrote down the following list of parts to get prices on:

    Fuel Filler Cap
    Front Drop Link
    CV Boot
    Wheel Cylinder
    Driveshaft Oil Seal
    Spark Plugs
    CD Stereo

  • Week 2 – Mechanical Check


    As Luke was off school due to sickness it was left to Tom to survey the Volkswagen Polo. With the help of AZ Autos Junior technician, James Westley, Tom used an industry standard 50-point check sheet to evaluate the little Polo’s mechanical condition.


    Tom was given 2 hours to thoroughly check the vehicle and came up with the following items that needed changing:

  • Week 1 – The Interview

    The two students, Luke and Tom, were put into a business interview situation. David Alvarez (Director of AZ Autos) and Kieran Murphy (Director of Phase) quizzed the students on what they knew about their organizations, what are the students strengths and weaknesses, how would they approach certain situations and why they were the right students for this project.

    Both Directors came armed with questions from their recruiting repertoire and then the students were scored on the following fields:

  • A Guide to Buying a used car

    With the amount of choice now on the Internet with Autotrader and eBay, finding a good genuine used car is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. We see a lot of people who have been stung when buying a used car. For this reason I thought I would blog a few hints and tips from my experience when it comes to buying a used car.


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