Air Conditioning

AZ Autos are fully equipped for the two refrigerants used in car air conditioning systems; R1234yf and R134a. R1234yf is the refrigerant that meets EU Laws and is used in every single new car manufactured for the EU market from 2016. R134a is the refrigerant used on vehicles prior to this.

Vehicle manufacturers recommend that you should recharge your car’s air conditioning system every two years with gas and lubricant, in order to keep it running efficiently. AZ Autos full air con service can be carried out on all makes and models of vehicle, and includes:

  • Checks for musty odours and excessive condensation
  • Drain and evacuate air con system
  • Visual contamination check of oil separated during evacuation process
  • Recharge air con refrigerant gas (‘re-gas’)
  • Replace oil removed during evacuation
  • Check operation and condition of air con compressor drive belt
  • Visually inspect air con refrigerant pressure lines, hoses and connections for leaks or damage
  • Check cooling fan operation
  • Check plenum chamber drains are clear of obstruction

Air conditioning Regas for R134a from £75 inc. VAT

Air conditioning Regas for R1234yf from £125 inc. VAT


Air Conditioning -