Community Project – A Business (Week 3 – 08/11/2016)


Week 3 – Ordering from SuppliersWeek 3 – Ordering from Suppliers

Tom had the job this week of calling around suppliers to get a cost for all the parts needed and negotiate the best possible deal. We first had a brainstorm about why it was important to get the best possible price on parts and how that would affect the profit of any potential sale

Tom wrote down the following list of parts to get prices on:

Fuel Filler Cap
Front Drop Link
CV Boot
Wheel Cylinder
Driveshaft Oil Seal
Spark Plugs
CD Stereo

Tom’s brief was to call two of our main suppliers – Euro Car Parts & Bennetts Car Parts to see if they had the parts in stock and what the price of this part would be. After a few practice runs Tom was ready to call the suppliers.

Euro Car Parts were first. He confidentially went through the list of parts asking for trade prices. Once the assistant had confirmed the stock and price then Tom ask if there was any extra discount on the prices quoted. The representative came back with some extra savings. Tom noted these all down.

Tom then repeated the process with Bennetts Car Parts. He then compared the two lists to see who quoted the lowest prices. He worked out that Euro Car Parts were cheaper on the Fuel Filler Cap, Front Drop Links, Wheel Cylinder, Spark Plugs and Car Stereo. The remainders of the items were cheaper at Bennetts Car parts. He then called back both suppliers and ordered all the parts on the list at the best prices. The parts would be delivered to AZ Autos ready for fitting next week.

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