Community Project – A Business (Week 9 – 13/03/2017)


Week 9 – Presentation PreparationWeek 9 – Presentation Preparation

With the Polo sold it was now time summarise what we had learnt from the Project in form a presentation. Luke, a student involved with the initative, writes the next instalment of our Blog:

“On week 9 me and Tom started to prepare for a presentation which is about what we have do in the weeks following up to this. Me and Tom split the presentation up into two half he did weeks 2-4-6-8 and I did week 1-3-5-7 so we equally split the work and we wrote about what we did on each of the weeks which was only a brief summary on each week.

We prepared the weeks on a Powerpoint presentation and followed on to answering some questions about the work we did in those weeks and about what we had learnt. One of the questions was “What aspects were the most difficult/challenge and why?” once we finished the presentation we started to practise a little bit because we will have to share it in front of a group of people who have been involved in the project.”

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