Community Project – ‘A Business’


Community Project – ‘A Business’What is the project? –

The project starts with AZ Autos donating a car to the charity Phase who work with local schools in Hitchin. We will then take two students out of The Priory School in Hitchin once a week for 12 x 2 hour blocks. Over the 12-week project the students will be tasked with renovating, sourcing parts, cleaning, advertising and selling this vehicle. All revenue generated from the sale of the vehicle will be used by the charity Phase to invest in services for young people struggling with mental and emotional issues.

What is the purpose of this project?

We want to encourage students to get a real experience of what it is like to work within a business and even what it is like to run your own business. On completion of the project the pupil will receive an ADSAN qualification. We hope to introduce students to new skills and situations used in day-to-day business life such as negotiation, cost analysis, marketing and good old fashioned hard graft. We hope to inspire business aspiration in students and introduce them to what it is like working for an organisation on a real project.

What are the outcomes for the students?

  • An ASDAN qualification
  • Discovering skills and aspirations
  • Real work skills and experience

What is the outcome for Phase?

  • Fund raising
  • To support the young and the local community in an exciting new project
  • The potential of growing the project into other industries if successful

What is the outcome for AZ Autos?

  • AZ Autos mission is to ‘Instil Confidence in our workforce, customers and community’. This will help us instil confidence in our community.
  • Potential for growing the project model.
  • Moral in staff who are tasked to work alongside the project.
  • Investment in youth and training
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