Staff Blog – 21/02/2017


What our Vehicles Say about us!

Does the car we drive say anything about us as individuals? Or is it merely a tool we use to commute to and from work and taking the young ones to school. Maybe certain characteristics of an individual can effect ( even on a subconscious level  )  the cars we find attractive and are drawn too.  Multiple manufactures may make pretty much the same vehicle, the only difference being the badge on the front and the dent it makes in your bank account.  The Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat and the Skoda Octavia being prime examples. So out of these which instantly stands out? Chances are it’s the Audi, right?  “German engineering , best in the world” will probably be the phrase that springs to your mind , apart from the obvious Vorsprung durch Technik!. Im also assuming you’re the kind of person that likes all you food labels in the kitchen cupboard facing forward and the thought of leaving the house without matching socks on equally disturbing.

On the other hand if your “money savvy” you may pick the Skoda, same engineering at a much reduced price. So what if it has THAT badge, so what if it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles. That’s just less to go wrong! Yes Mr Audi man you won’t be looking down on me when your flash 7 speed gearbox develops its own personality and decides it really doesn’t like you that much! However as long as I don’t suffer a double amputation on my left side my gear changes should be trouble free for many many, many years!  It’s true though I know of no Octavia driver that walks up to his car in the morning with a smile apart from maybe one exception. The Octavia’s biggest fan, the Taxi driver. Make no mistake he’s only smiling because he has just worked out the longest possible route to the station without raising suspicion rather than the driving experience he is about to embark on.

So how about the Passat? Without a doubt the West Ham of the three. Never going to be the cup lifter, but never going to be that kid that gets picked last at the dinner time footie games at school . Maybe you’re  drawn to the Volkswagen as it’s the big brother of the Golf and that without doubt is the most successful hatchback out there. What about the ford focus I hear you say? Lets face it, you only got a focus because you can’t afford a Golf.

So looking at just these three cars I thinks it’s fair to say the car we choose for our daily chores really does reflect us and our personalities. A few thing are very clear though. First if you own a Fiat Multipla you may want to pay more attention to those opticians letters raising the point that it’s been years since your last eye exam. Second, if you spent all your hard earnt pennies on a Renault Espace expect the mechanic to spend a lot more quality time with it than you!, and lastly if you’re 45 years old and have just  taken a second mortgage on your house to buy that Porsche 911, then yes it’s happened. It’s a mid life crisis!!

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