Community Project – A Business (Week 9 – 13/03/2017)

Week 9 – Presentation PreparationWeek 9 – Presentation Preparation

With the Polo sold it was now time summarise what we had learnt from the Project in form a presentation. Luke, a student involved with the initative, writes the next instalment of our Blog:

“On week 9 me and Tom started to prepare for a presentation which is about what we have do in the weeks following up to this. Me and Tom split the presentation up into two half he did weeks 2-4-6-8 and I did week 1-3-5-7 so we equally split the work and we wrote about what we did on each of the weeks which was only a brief summary on each week.

We prepared the weeks on a Powerpoint presentation and followed on to answering some questions about the work we did in those weeks and about what we had learnt. One of the questions was “What aspects were the most difficult/challenge and why?” once we finished the presentation we started to practise a little bit because we will have to share it in front of a group of people who have been involved in the project.”

Community Project – A Business (Week 8 – 06/03/2017)

Week 8 – Customer Enquiries and SalesWeek 8 – Customer Enquiries and Sales

Tom writes this week’s entry for the project:

“On week 8 we were looking at some of the buyers and some of the questions that they had on the car. Then we answered and told them that it was checked by an official mechanic and that it had the log book (V5) and the service history and said what we had changed.”

Community Project – A Business (Week 7 – 28/02/2017)

Week 7 – AdvertisingWeek 7 – Advertising

With all the research done it was now time to advertise the little Volkswagen Polo. Tom and Luke’s first task was to write the text for the advert. They selected all the technical data and decided on the following advert text:

We have carried out much work on the vehicle including changing the Battery, Fuel Filler Cap, Front Drop Links, CD Player, CV Boots, Spark Plugs and we have also done a 50 point check to industry standard. All money from selling this car will be donated to Phase who will use the money to give help and support to local schools. It has an MOT until November 2017. This Polo has 4 out of 5 stars safety rating with NCap.

They then got to work at photographing the car. Tom photographed the outside of the car in front of the school and Luke took the interior shot. The last photo was a great photo of Tom and Luke sat inside the car. The advert was now ready for uploading.

Please see the document below for their advert.

Vehicle Advert

3 Years RAC Warranty For the Price of 2

This fantastic limited time offer will give you a 3 Year RAC Warranty for the Price of 2 Year Plan. The repair limit is £2,000 per claim and the offer is subject to eligibility.

This means that a 3 Year warranties are available at these prices:

Engine Size Price
Up to 1600cc £349
1,601cc – 2,000cc £495
2,001cc and Above £595
Cover Level Eligibility
Platinum Upto 7 Years old or 70,000miles
Gold Upto 10 Years old or 100,000 miles

Staff Blog – 21/02/2017

What our Vehicles Say about us!

Does the car we drive say anything about us as individuals? Or is it merely a tool we use to commute to and from work and taking the young ones to school. Maybe certain characteristics of an individual can effect ( even on a subconscious level  )  the cars we find attractive and are drawn too.  Multiple manufactures may make pretty much the same vehicle, the only difference being the badge on the front and the dent it makes in your bank account.  The Audi A4, Volkswagen Passat and the Skoda Octavia being prime examples. So out of these which instantly stands out? Chances are it’s the Audi, right?  “German engineering , best in the world” will probably be the phrase that springs to your mind , apart from the obvious Vorsprung durch Technik!. Im also assuming you’re the kind of person that likes all you food labels in the kitchen cupboard facing forward and the thought of leaving the house without matching socks on equally disturbing.

On the other hand if your “money savvy” you may pick the Skoda, same engineering at a much reduced price. So what if it has THAT badge, so what if it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles. That’s just less to go wrong! Yes Mr Audi man you won’t be looking down on me when your flash 7 speed gearbox develops its own personality and decides it really doesn’t like you that much! However as long as I don’t suffer a double amputation on my left side my gear changes should be trouble free for many many, many years!  It’s true though I know of no Octavia driver that walks up to his car in the morning with a smile apart from maybe one exception. The Octavia’s biggest fan, the Taxi driver. Make no mistake he’s only smiling because he has just worked out the longest possible route to the station without raising suspicion rather than the driving experience he is about to embark on.

So how about the Passat? Without a doubt the West Ham of the three. Never going to be the cup lifter, but never going to be that kid that gets picked last at the dinner time footie games at school . Maybe you’re  drawn to the Volkswagen as it’s the big brother of the Golf and that without doubt is the most successful hatchback out there. What about the ford focus I hear you say? Lets face it, you only got a focus because you can’t afford a Golf.

So looking at just these three cars I thinks it’s fair to say the car we choose for our daily chores really does reflect us and our personalities. A few thing are very clear though. First if you own a Fiat Multipla you may want to pay more attention to those opticians letters raising the point that it’s been years since your last eye exam. Second, if you spent all your hard earnt pennies on a Renault Espace expect the mechanic to spend a lot more quality time with it than you!, and lastly if you’re 45 years old and have just  taken a second mortgage on your house to buy that Porsche 911, then yes it’s happened. It’s a mid life crisis!!

Community Project – A Business (Week 6 – 06/02/2017)

Week 6 – Market ResearchWeek 6 – Market Research

By this point Tom and Luke had checked the Polo, ordered and fitted the parts, washed and cleaned it and it was now ready for selling. Before they could sell it they needed to know where they were going sell it and how much they could sell it for. After a quick introduction to the 4 P’s of marketing (Product, Place, Promotion and Price), they set to work at researching where was the best place to sell cars.

They quickly discovered that online was a key platform when it comes to advertising cars. They touch on Autotrader, eBay and Gumtree as websites where they could advertise the car. Once on the Autotrader website they found other similar cars and noted down how much the cars were selling for and what they liked and disliked about the adverts.

They decided on the layout of their online adverts and what information they wanted to display in the text. They also picked out certain photographic shots that they could replicate to show off the car. They decided that a fair price in the market place would be £1250.

Community Project – A Business (Week 5 – 29/11/2016)

Week 5 – Car Wash and ValetingWeek 5 – Car Wash and Valeting

It was early on a Tuesday morning, there was a cold frost with the temperature at only 4 degrees and the students, Tom and Luke, were over at AZ Autos Used Car Select Centre ready for a mornings work. No car is ready for sale without a good clean and valet and that was their task this week. Tom and Luke layered up and put on their overalls.

Darren Burgess, our in-house car valeter, was this week’s mentor. Equipped with a sponge, a hose, a chamois and a range of ecofriendly car cleaning products this week was all about good old fashioned elbow grease. The cold was soon a distant memory as they got to work and they soon warmed up. By the end of the 2-hour session, the car was gleaming and sparkling. Tom and Luke left that day satisfied with a good mornings work.

Community Project – A Business (Week 4 – 15/11/2016)

Week 4 – MechanicsWeek 4 – Mechanics

With the parts ordered and delivered, Tom and Luke now needed to fit the parts at AZ Autos MOT and Repair Centre. They donned on their overalls, armed themselves with air guns and spanners – they were ready to get to work. Mentored by our very own promising young Mechanic, James Westley, they raised the VW polo on the lift and got to work. They managed to have all the parts fitted and the car serviced by the end of the 2 hour session. The work was then checked over by our mechanic James for safety and the Volkswagen was now mechanically sound and ready for the next chapter.

Community Project – A Business (Week 3 – 08/11/2016)

Week 3 – Ordering from SuppliersWeek 3 – Ordering from Suppliers

Tom had the job this week of calling around suppliers to get a cost for all the parts needed and negotiate the best possible deal. We first had a brainstorm about why it was important to get the best possible price on parts and how that would affect the profit of any potential sale

Tom wrote down the following list of parts to get prices on:

Fuel Filler Cap
Front Drop Link
CV Boot
Wheel Cylinder
Driveshaft Oil Seal
Spark Plugs
CD Stereo

Tom’s brief was to call two of our main suppliers – Euro Car Parts & Bennetts Car Parts to see if they had the parts in stock and what the price of this part would be. After a few practice runs Tom was ready to call the suppliers.

Euro Car Parts were first. He confidentially went through the list of parts asking for trade prices. Once the assistant had confirmed the stock and price then Tom ask if there was any extra discount on the prices quoted. The representative came back with some extra savings. Tom noted these all down.

Tom then repeated the process with Bennetts Car Parts. He then compared the two lists to see who quoted the lowest prices. He worked out that Euro Car Parts were cheaper on the Fuel Filler Cap, Front Drop Links, Wheel Cylinder, Spark Plugs and Car Stereo. The remainders of the items were cheaper at Bennetts Car parts. He then called back both suppliers and ordered all the parts on the list at the best prices. The parts would be delivered to AZ Autos ready for fitting next week.

Community Project – A Business (Week 2 – 01/11/2016)

Week 2 – Mechanical CheckWeek 2 – Mechanical Check

As Luke was off school due to sickness it was left to Tom to survey the Volkswagen Polo. With the help of AZ Autos Junior technician, James Westley, Tom used an industry standard 50-point check sheet to evaluate the little Polo’s mechanical condition.

Tom was given 2 hours to thoroughly check the vehicle and came up with the following items that needed changing:

  • Battery
  • Fuel Filler Cap
  • Front Drop Link
  • CV Boot
  • Wheel Cylinder
  • Driveshaft Oil Seal
  • Spark Plugs
  • CD Stereo

Next week Tom and Luke will be getting prices of these parts from various suppliers.