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AZ Autos believes you shouldn’t have to wait for your new car, that’s why we offer a little extra help with some of the best used car finance deals around.

If you live in the Hitchin area and are looking for affordable car finance, we will be more than happy to source the best package to suit your budget. If you want to know more, here is our quick guide to car finance…


Using a loan is a great way to get the car you want without paying a lump sum upfront. The loan provider consider several factors when calculating the loan’s interest rate, which can result in lower rates than high street banks.


Whether you are buying a house or a boat, most finance packages require a deposit. However, large deposits can deter buyers from seeking loans, so we are happy to offer low deposit options.


Once upon a time, a poor credit history was seen as a bad thing. These days, most lenders are more realistic and our experienced team are trained to find the right finance deal for your budget.


Our wide range of finance options mean we can tailor the loan to your individual requirements. We can even settle existing finance on your current vehicle as part of the deal. Please note that car finance is only available to people over the age of 18.


The flexible funding solutions available at AZ Autos fall into three main categories:

Personal Loan: this allows the buyer to raise funds to buy the car, repaying the debt plus fixed interest with scheduled payments over a set term, usually between 12 and 60 months. Personal loans are not secured against the vehicle, so you will NOT be required to settle the outstanding debt when selling the vehicle.

Hire Purchase (HP): basically a contract which allows you to pay for goods in parts or a percentage at a time. Think of HP like a monthly rent where the total value, including interest, is paid in equal installments, like a loan. However, HP deals are secured against the goods so you need to settle the remaining debt when you sell the car.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP): this is popular with motorists who regularly change their vehicles or prefer lower payments. Similar to HP, but you are only paying off the depreciation. You defer a large amount of the total cost of the car to the end of the contract – known as a final balloon payment. This final payment is determined by the finance company based on the vehicle and the mileage.

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