Charity and Community

At AZ Autos, we are proud to work directly with Charities and Schools within the local community.

We feel it is particularly important to invest in young people as they are going to be the ones driving the economy in the near future. This is why we partner with the charity Phase whose vision it is to work alongside young people in Hitchin to promote both wellbeing and resilience.

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In 2018, AZ Director David Alvarez fundraised over £3,811 by completing Ironman Barcelona (2.4 mile swim, 112 miles bike ride and 26.2 mile run) and running the London Marathon. He also helped with the ‘Phase 240 km in 24 hour’ running event in which he ran over 40 km for them.

We have also donated two cars to Phase in a joint project with the Priory School, which we called ‘A Business Project’. The idea of the project was for students to learn what it was like working within a business. They were tasked with both preparing and marketing the vehicle to raise money for Phase. The first car raised £1,300 and the second was part of a raffle initiative which raised over £4,000. As an extra benefit, pupils from the Priory School in Hitchin worked within AZ Autos and achieved a qualification as part of their studies.

Staff from AZ Autos have also got involved with the Priory School, supporting initiatives such as job fairs, work experience and helping out on the ‘A Business Project’ scheme.

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