What is your company culture?

Our culture has two pillars. Firstly, we believe in investing in and therefore developing our staff members, this is really important to us as we are aiming to grow as a company. To enable this, we have training partnerships with Bosch, Euro Car Parts, RAC and Auto Trader.

The second is to approach our work with transparency, which means our customers can visit us with confidence. This is demonstrated in our non-pushy approach, we will give you all the information so you can make an informed decision.

How are you handling COVID-19?

AZ Autos have a ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) company policy‘ which has been designed to stop the spread of the virus whilst working in a safe environment protecting our staff, customers and suppliers. For example, we wipe down every car with an Anti Bacterial product before and after use and always use protective equipment and covers.

Can you collect my car from home?

Yes we can, there may be a small charge for this (£10) unless you are a Key Worker and then it is free. Mileage restrictions do apply.

What payment do you take?

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are only taking Visa and Mastercard Debit/Credit Cards, Contactless Payments and Bank Transfers. We do not take American Express, Cash or Cheque.

Can I pay my repair bill in installments?

Yes you can and at 0% interest. You can spread your bill over 4 monthly payments. Just ask a member of staff and we can arrange this for you. There is also no credit check if it is under £1,000. (For more details please click here)

Does your work come with a warranty?

Most of our repairs come with a 12 month warranty if the replacement part was to fail. This is inclusive of Parts and Labour. (This may vary on certain parts, for example refurbished parts).

Can I drive my car without a MOT?

If your vehicle doesn't have a current MOT, you can only drive it to or from a pre-arranged MOT appointment or to or from a pre-arranged repair appointment to have defects repaired that were discovered on a previous test. You can also drive your vehicle on a road without road tax in these circumstances, but your vehicle must be insured. However, not having an MOT may have implications for the validity of your insurance - you would need to check this with your insurer.

What is the difference between branded and unbranded tyres?

With tyres you are pretty much paying for the engineering and development that goes into them. Brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Continental invest a huge amount on research and development. But some of the unbranded tyres are owned by the same companies and are sometimes made in the same factory.

All tyres will have a Fuel Economy, Wet Grip and Noise Rating. We would usually advise our customers to get the highest rated tyre within their budget if they are not too concerned about brand. The margins are very similar for us on unbranded and branded tyres, so we will always help and advise in an unbiased manner.

Why do we not supply part worn tyres?

We simply will not supply part worn tyres as we do not believe they are safe. If somebody has removed a set of tyres from their car, they have done so because they no longer consider them to be safe. If those tyres aren’t good enough for another driver, are they really good enough for you?

Do I need to take my hybrid or electric car to a main dealer?

You’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t necessarily need to take your EV or Hybrid back to the main stealer… I mean dealer. We have invested in training and equipment so we can carry out servicing and repair work on these vehicles. Now and again there might be some jobs that need the main dealer, but we will always advise you on this before carrying out any work.

Why do we use premium parts: brakes, consumables and replacement parts?

We will always recommend premium OEM parts (Original Equipment Manufacturer), as we don’t get these parts from the main dealer, they are a fraction of the cost. Your budget might necessitate non-OEM parts, but please be aware that this could lead to defects such as squeaky brakes or a shorter lifespan.

How do I know if I have a cambelt and how do I know if it needs to be changed?

Simple.. Just ask us! Manufacturers can change their guidance on timing belt or cambelt change intervals, but we have an up to date database with all this information. Don’t just rely on your service book as this may well be out of date and the Manufacturer’s guidance will probably have changed.

Used Car Sales
Do you deliver cars?

Yes we do and this is free of charge within a 100 mile radius (charges will apply for distances over 100 miles). We would require a deposit or payment beforehand, but please contact a member of staff for more details.

Are your vehicles checked over?

On cars which are over £5,000, we will carry out a Full RAC Approved 82-Point Check. Details on this check are available here. These checks are so thorough and we do twice the amount of checks that you would get on a standard MOT. For cars which are under £5,000, we carry out a comprehensive AZ 50-Point check.

Where can I use my warranty?

Our standard RAC Warranty is redeemable at any VAT registered garage. There is also a network of RAC Garages (which we are part of). You can find your local RAC garage at https://www.rac.co.uk/approvedgarages/. We are also more than happy to carry out any repairs in our inhouse Service and MOT Centre.

For cars that are under £5,000, you may have our comprehensive AZ Warranty, this is only redeemable in our inhouse Service and MOT Centre in Hitchin.

My credit rating is poor or I have no credit history, can I get car finance?

We work with a number of Finance Houses across the industry. We are able to do a ‘soft search’ which won’t show on your credit file and match you with a finance company to get you a competitive rate. Interest rates are extremely low at the moment, so it is a great time to buy a car on finance.

I have negative equity on my part exchange, can you help?

We can tailor finance packages around you. Depending on what deposit you have, we can take care of the negative equity for you. We can then finance your new car and you just pay your new monthly payment.

Can I return a car I have purchased from you?

We have a 30 day exchange policy - If you are not completely happy with your vehicle then you can swap it for another car in our stock of equal value, no quibbles. If you have finance then we will just swap this onto your new car.

Do you buy cars?

We are actively looking for cars aged between 3 and 8 years old and under 70,000 miles. If you are looking to sell a car like this then we will pay over Market Value (Typically Auto Trader’s Trade-in Value). This is likely to be better than car buying services like ‘WeBuyAnyCar’. We will not charge you admin fees or drop our offer down for ‘fair wear and tear’.